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Hi I’m Tony, the admin of this website. I reside in Central New Jersey, USA and my background is in professional sales with a big chunk (32 years) devoted to real estate sales, as a sales associate and broker, a mortgage broker and a mortgage lending representative.

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Our main goal on this website is to bring you information relative to two fundamental requirements to Web marketing success. The first is Sales, without which a marketing business (online or offline) may as well close its doors. The second is Web Traffic, without which a Web business will not make too many sales and will thus, be forced to close down operations anyway.


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We will make our best efforts to bring you information in a manner that is easy to read and understand, but with emphasis on topics of importance to anyone considering Web marketing as a career or even an additional income source. The other section of Web Marketing Tips (WMT) features several pages of content pertaining to different methods of marketing on the web, from Article Writing to Copywriting and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Please use the navigation bar to browse those pages.

We hope you find the content useful and that you come back to the WMT website on a regular basis. Please visit the WMT Recommends Tools and Resources page and make sure to grab one of our FREE Information Products in the sidebar before leaving. They were created in an effort to save time and reduce costs for our valued supporters.

Ultimately, your thoughtful and informed decisions in selecting the area (niche?) of Web marketing best suited to your talents is what will propel you to a successful Web marketing career; and because that is the most important thing to you it is an outcome we’d be proud to have played a small part in. We hope you like the site and come back often. For additional marketing tools and resources, please visit our Web Money & Traffic Generators! Web page. Thanks!


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Admin’s Observation: In civilized society we adhere to certain codes, some of which you may be familiar with: Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct, Code of Honor, Dress codes, Tax codes, Penal Code, etc. And that’s only a smidgen of the offline codes we are all subjected to in one way or another.

But there are also a number of codes that are specific to the online world that affect those of us who are frequent users of the Internet and the digital marketplace; and if you are reading this you may also be familiar with some of these online codes: Country codes, QR codes, Internet Access Codes, Promo codes, Coupon codes, HTML codes, CSS codes, PHP codes and various others that cannot be listed here at this time.

However, there is one basic code which is the most fundamental of all codes pertaining to the use of this incredible resource we know as the Internet. It’s the code upon which passwords are being created; and how frustratingly difficult and vulnerable would our Internet lives be without codes on which to base strong passwords that are easy to create and remember, but tough to crack into? Very difficult indeed without the code!

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The frequency of recent hacking and breaking into private and public databases to steal people’s identities and financial information is much higher than many of us – including cyber security professionals – would care to accept, but the reality is too many Internet users are still surprisingly vulnerable to these cyber crimes; so it is definitely time to take personal security and protection into our own hands and take steps to DO something to eliminate the threat of potential theft of your identity and/or financial information.

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