Increase Traffic Flow With Blogging And Pinging

Blogging and pinging as traffic magnets

If you are a a website owner it is reasonable to assume that you might be interested in having it do as well as it possibly can in the search engine rankings; and if you do have such interests, you may be interested in the knowledge that you do have some control over getting good rankings and increasing your traffic. It’s true! You can take the success of your website into your own hands and increase your traffic and income by blogging and pinging. Haven’t heard of blogging and pinging before now? Read on to learn more about these techniques!

A blog is just the short way of saying weblog, which can be compared to an online journal or diary. However, blogs don’t have to be consisted of personal information. They can include news, thoughts, opinions, challenges, history, and anything the blogger wants to publish. The most important aspect of a blog is that it is updated on a regularly scheduled basis with fresh new content.

Rate of frequency determines page rank

Some bloggers add new content once a week while others blog daily or multiple times per day. This is where increased search engine rankings come into play, since there is always fresh new content which is given heavier weight in the search engines than if no new content was provided. This results in higher search engine rankings and increased traffic.

A ping is simply a program that sends out a message to another server or computer in order to get a response. So, for instance, if you update your blog you want to ping the search engines so your pages are indexed and your site ranked higher.

Why some marketers blog and ping

You probably know that if your website does not show up in the search engines you are unlikely to get tons of traffic, and if you have a website you want traffic. So, the best thing to do is write a regular blog, ping the search engines, and your site will get indexed significantly faster than it would otherwise. By putting in a little bit of extra work you are getting your site indexed with the search engines and inevitably more traffic.

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There is a lot of free blog software out on the Web that you can simply link to your site and start blogging. Including RSS feeds, which are the pings, means the search engines are going to know you are out there and as a result start indexing your site. So, if you want to increase your traffic, start blogging and pinging and you will see a difference in traffic in a hurry.