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Does Reciprocal Linking Really Increase My Page Rank?

How reciprocal linking works

The way reciprocal linking works most effectively is when you – with the agreement of another webmaster – place your link on his/her website and they in return will be permitted by you to list link(s) to their website on your site. It is a trade off. However, there have been quite a lot of controversy in recent years about these linking arrangements.

Do they work to help improve your page rank in search engines? Do they hurt your page rank? Should you bother investing in them? To answer these questions, you’ll need to take a moment and consider both sides of the equation. The bottom line, to most webmasters, is that they are capable of working for you.

Why they may not be good

When reciprocal links were first introduced, they were used as a trade off between one webmaster and another. If you were in the home decorating business, for example, it would be beneficial to work with and have a link to a company that provides windows. You both would benefit. When the webmasters did this, they found that their websites did in fact rank better. In fact, it worked so well that they went out and sought more and more of them.

Therein lies the problem. Instead of working with other website owners to develop a relationship and create reciprocal links that benefited both parties, many website developers found that they could buy these links instead.

Now, they did not have to go to the trouble of luring in those that they would like to have links from but they could just buy them. Okay, this is not so bad right? The problem was that people were buying and using thousands of reciprocal links on their website. This is completely unnatural and it just didn’t work well for them.

The search engine factor

The search engines soon became wise to this scheme of getting your website to rank well. They developed programs that would spot this problem and in fact people that used this large amount of reciprocal links, in this fashion, were ranked WORSE! They would spend top dollar to get these links from companies that were all too willing to sell them and would end up well back into the search pages.

Keeping these thoughts in mind, you need to consider wisely if you should in fact use reciprocal links for the websites that you put up. In most cases, if you take the time to work at getting reciprocal links from qualified webmasters instead of buying large amounts of them, you will improve your ability to secure a sound method for increasing your page rank. If you decide to purchase hundreds of them and slap them on your website quickly, you will face a worst case scenario of lowering your page rank.

Linking path of the least resistance

Keep in mind as well that one of the best ways to increase traffic to your web page with links is to use one way links. You can get these by using article directory sites. There may not be a sure-fire way to take a brand new site and get it as number one in the search engines, you can gain some movement upwards if you use links properly.

Buying Quality Traffic on the Web for Your Website

Purchasing traffic from Web businesses can be very difficult. There are many of these websites selling traffic, but it is not easy to decide who to buy from. Many of these websites can be found by doing a Google search for “buy website traffic”, or something similar. Most of them are resellers who buy traffic from wholesalers and redistribute the traffic at a higher price to webmasters.

Some of the traffic purchasing websites offer general web traffic, and others may offer category or regional targeted traffic. Other traffic websites may even offer adult and casino specific packages, because general traffic does not allow these types of sites. Any type of traffic that is not general web traffic is sold at a much higher price, because it is harder to collect and sort.

There are some very odd things about most traffic purchasing websites. It seemed that even though each site design was different, the general idea was the exact same thing, and even most of the text is copied word for word. Many of the websites have both numerous spelling errors and severe grammatical mistakes indicative of bad translation from another language.

The site designs were also flawed, such as a missing purchase confirmation page. Many sites do not even list an email address, but instead have a form to fill out and submit questions to them with. This is a bad method of communication and is used to hide the company's real email address.

Many of these sites are scams, based in Asia or other foreign places. They will take the money, send fake "visitors", and become impossible to contact. This article lists the main details to watch out for, and to help webmasters and site owners avoid trouble when marketing their site. Here are a few main points to take note of on a traffic website before making a purchase:

Look for website design and content.

Is the website well made? Are there sections for support/contact, FAQ, about the site, terms/disclaimer, and a straightforward ordering form?

Spelling and grammar.

Does the website read well? Does it look badly translated and poorly designed? Are there obvious mistakes on main pages?

Contact and Support

Test the customer support, ask a few questions before making a purchase. Do they respond quickly and answer all your questions?

Check their refund policy.

Will they give you a refund if you are not satisfied? What are their terms for refunds?

Are they based in a reputable area?

Is the company based in the USA, Canada, Europe, or is it in China, Russia, or another country where scams a prevalent?

Compare prices.

A very low price can be just as bad as a very high price. A low price suggests a possible scam, and a high price suggests a ripoff.

Check traffic delivery timeframe.

Do they guarantee that the traffic you purchase will be delivered in 30 days?

All these points are things to take into consideration before buying traffic for a website. A legitimate web traffic providing website can be a great marketing partner, and generate a lot of money, but a illegitimate one is nothing but a scam.

One website thats sells real traffic is AdMinder Traffic & Tracking. They are very easy to contact, and provide legitimate traffic. They are also based in the United States and have a top-notch website for ease of use and ordering.