Selecting the best methods – such as graphics, pictures and video – to enhance a given campaign.

A Reason To Join The Inner Circle

Joining a group could be inspiring

One good reason for an individual to join a group is the camaraderie and common interests shared among the members. For Web marketers, more often than not, there is a third element which takes the form of supporting the marketing efforts of each other by way of increased Web traffic and activity to our respective websites, as well as honest and constructive criticisms of those sites.

The Inner Circle is a group headed by Mark Call, the accomplished Author, Speaker and Marketing Coach who did the weekly webcast presentations for GVO. Our IC group consists of Web marketers with Web marketing expertise ranging from newbies (mere weeks of experience) to seasoned pros with several years in the business. From a strictly personal viewpoint, my reason for joining this group – or any other, for that matter – may have been established a very long time ago.

The best from my inner self

You see, during my childhood years I often heard my mother say that “birds of a feather flock together”. Little did I know that it would be translated (in today’s terms) to mean that I would join the inner circle group. Back then I didn’t grasp the full meaning of that old adage uttered by my mother, but it stayed somewhere in the back of my mind just laying dormant for many years until my understanding of the “power-in-numbers” truism really took hold. I joined GVO about 8 months ago and started the process of getting familiar with the company’s system.

My training consisted of attending weekly Webcasts of the Overview Presentation as well as viewing the many video tutorials and attending live classes taught by knowledgeable and experienced instructors. In the process, I found there were two voices that were more prominent than any others. One was the voice of CEO Joel Therien and the other was that of Mark Call. I soon came to realize that Mark was a very important person within the organization and paid special attention to his words and counsel.

Success determined by social acquaintances?

One thing that Mark said during his hosting of the Overview Presentation is, your income is the average of the five people you spend most of your time with. I know that’s not verbatim, but I understood it to mean that you are who you hang out with, and lo and behold (as my mother would say), those words spoken by my beloved mother so many years ago came back to me.

Mark Call symbolizes success as measured by his accomplishments as an author, public speaker, Web Marketer and Web Conference host, as mentioned earlier. My decision to apply for membership in Mark’s Inner Circle was based on my mother’s ‘birds of a feather flock together’ philosophy which was paraphrased by Mark as a gauge of an individual’s level of success or failure.

Find a few eagles to hang with!


I joined Mark’s Inner Circle flock where I expect to learn how to fly and then soar in the proverbial skies of the World Wide Web. There are other people in this circle (birds in this flock) that have had a positive effect on me and whose actions and kindness have enriched my person and enhance my web marketing activities. People like Claire Pooulton, Deb & Steph, Keith Carberry and others. Terry Anglin has had a very positive impact on my Web marketing efforts through his “Word Press/Blogging from the ground up” training.

So you see, based on my mother’s old adage, one could hangout with birds of a positive flock or birds of a negative flock; But since it’s so “…hard to soar like an eagle when you hang out with turkeys”, I’d rather hang out with eagles knowing that one day I will be soaring among Web marketing’s high fliers. Thanks Mark for the invitation to join your Inner Circle! And thanks to all the circle’s members for helping to make it a positive experience!

Traffic Creation Tips For Your Website-Part One

Generate traffic and create hits

This article is a quick overview about some methods of traffic generation and their advantages and disadvantages. It is the goal of any website on the Web to attract as much traffic as possible, so it can be seen. One of the problems is the Web is now so huge that there are more pages in it than people on the planet.

How can you get hits and a flow of traffic to your solitary page? If you’re creating a page for general interest or fun without traffic your goals are not met; And if you’re generating traffic for a business website it is literally a case of have traffic or have your business dies. It doesn’t matter if you have the best website site, with great content, fantastic graphics, audio, video and a multimedia experience better than Disneyland; if no one comes it is all for naught.

The Web is not like Field Of Dreams – “if you build it they will come” – no they won’t. Google has about 8 billion pages indexed on the Web and its growing everyday. If you create a new site your chances of having a visitor just stumble on your site is about the same as winning the lottery. How then do we change the game so people can at least appreciate the work put into a website, or in the case of a business or affiliate website, visit to make a decision to buy? The following are some of the most common methods.

Search engine optimization

Basically this means you optimize your pages with the right keywords in the right places so that the search engines index your page as having great CONTENT in relation to key search words. The simple fact of the matter is that your chances of being on page one for the most popular search terms is next to zero.

You will find – thanks to the American domination of the Web – that the most popular searched keywords tend to be American personalities, like Oprah Winfrey, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, etc. Ever wonder why there are so many gossip magazines? The Web is not that different. Gossip is one of the most popular topics.

So if you were to create a new website about one of these personalities thinking, hey I’ll get some of that traffic for myself. I’ll do an Oprah Winfrey site! Content rich, etc., your chances of getting to the top is practically nil. Why? First, because you’ll have 100,000’s to millions of competitors and your chances of being optimized – not only with great content – but with relevant links and important keywords will be nil as well.

Ranking for specific search terms

All is not lost however, because it is still possible to create a niche website and get rated on the first page results. For example, type “marketing internet niche treasures” into the Google search engine and you will see my website at is rated number one, two, and three. This site is probably of no interest to most people but for affiliate marketers it’s a nice niche topic.

Its not that I have a college degree on the subject but the basics on the subject rates high because the site’s content strongly matches the search phrase, “marketing internet niche treasures” or just “niche treasures” even though the site is likely lost from the radar.

To summarize, one of the first methods of traffic generation is to have a site rich with keywords and content that will draw in search engine traffic. Remember though, the more competitive the keywords the harder this will be. Some companies specialize in generating rich content and links from others like rich content sites targeted to high rating keywords and charge big money for the privilege. Fees can range in the $50,000 and up range. Why? Because free traffic to websites from search engines means big chances for profits.