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Use A Tell-A-Friend Script To Drive Traffic

Traffic flowing from viral marketing

An increasing number of webmasters have the recurring dilemma of exactly how to increase the flow of traffic to their websites. During the past few years a variety of approaches and methods have been created to deal with this predicament; and while most of these approaches could work – some certainly did – most of them would not make even a small impact.

One of the methods that have spawned many success stories in driving traffic to websites is viral marketing. Viral marketing makes use of an individual’s desire to share something s/he finds interesting, and/or informative as well as entertaining, with others in his/her sphere of influence.

Many companies rely on this behavior to create interest in their products and increase the popularity of their company brand or website. Viral marketing makes use of multiple media forms in order to entice this behavior. Such behavior might be in the form of an interesting story, an addicting flash game, an amusing video, or a number of other activities that might attract a person’s interest.

This ingenious form of marketing is typically low cost and is a wonderful tool for any company to utilize. One reason for this is simple; the benefit greatly outweighs the cost or efforts to initiate such a marketing scheme. Any website would greatly benefit from the proper implementation and utilization of viral marketing.

A tell-a-friend script traffic solution

It bis somewhat ironic however, that one of the easiest methods used to implement viral marketing is the utilization of a tell-a-friend (TAF) script. TAF is a simple programming script that you can attach to the programming functions of your website. More specifically, tell-a-friend scripts are installed in pages where a media program is placed so that a person can easily send the media to any friends or family members s/he chooses.

The basic concept of a tell-a-friend script is to enable an individual to enter his/her name and e-mail address, as well as the recipient’s e-mail address, and send that media to the intended recipient much like an e-mail with an attachment. As the recipient receives the e-mail s/he would not think of the mail as spam mail because s/he would see the sender’s name as someone s/he knows and trusts.

Tell-a-friend scripts eliminate to a great extent, the chances of being blocked, because they use information provided by the sender. This allows for wider spreading of such a unique and relatively unfamiliar marketing method. It can be quite sneaky, but it is very effective.

With the e-mail sent and opened, the attached media will either be read, viewed or played. Also, along with the mail, would be a brief description of the company or site that sponsors the sent media. This allows for the introduction of either the site, company name or its products; and along with it, another tell-a-friend script.

Then the process begins again, because as more individuals use the tell-a-friend script, more and more people will know of the existence of the sponsoring company or site. People who read the ads inside such an mail who liked what they see would go and click on the link and visit the site. This drives traffic to the originating site which results in a greater number of potential customers.

Availability of tell-a-friend scripts

A tell-a-friend script is very simple and does not require a complicated method of programming. In fact, you can copy & paste a script and simply put it on an intended page. Finding one is even simpler, since all you have to do is go to a search engine and type in the search box “tell a friend script,” and then press enter or click go.

In the search engine results page (SERP) you will see many links that will direct you to a site where you can get a tell-a-friend script. It would then be just a simple matter of looking and searching for the script and copying it to your intended web page.

With a tell-a-friend script viral marketing strategy, you can drive traffic to your site which could potentially result in huge profits. This is a simple and harmless script that offers great benefits at low cost, coupled with great creativity and foresight.

It is imperative that you have patience in your use of a tell-a-friend script. If your chosen media doesn’t get the mileage that you anticipate and desire, it may take some time before it is spread around or shared. But certainly there are many people who will see your ads, and there is a great probability that they will visit your site, thereby increasing your traffic flow.

Paying For Your Traffic – The Pros and Cons

Does your brand of luck bring traffic?

You’ve probably heard – and will likely continue to hear – many stories about businesses achieving great success from their internet activities. The troubling thing is, there may be tenfold or even a hundredfold of stories that are contradictory to their amazing success. This trend of ambitious business launches and subsequent failures continues to this day when still only a handful of Internet businesses succeed.

So the question becomes, what makes a successful Internet business launch? And what leads to subsequent failures of so many (the vast majority?) Is some luckier than others? That hardly seems fair if such a thing as luck is the answer, unless it is the kind of luck made famous in this Thomas Jefferson quote: “I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.” So if it’s this brand of luck that is responsible for that “handful” of Internet businesses that achieves success, then it would seem to make sense.

The most important ingredients any aspiring business person could have is ambition and the eagerness to succeed which, when combined with the determination to learn and the willingness to invest a lot of hard work and some money, will indeed go a long way in creating a lot of that Thomas Jefferson brand of luck for his/her own uses in the operation of his/her enterprise.

Traffic is the one and very basic element

If you are familiar with the popular movie, The Matrix, you know that Neo was “The One.” Well for any Web business to achieve success, traffic is “The One”. Without traffic, all your efforts would just go to waste. Every business needs customers, without them you wouldn’t have anyone to sell your products to.

In the world of Internet business, traffic is to a website as the walk-in customer is to a brick and mortar (offline) business. The more traffic your website attracts, the more people you would have to sell your products to.

But like any business located in any corner building or mall, not everyone that goes in will buy, so it must be considered a numbers game in the sense that the more visitors that do come to browse your merchandise, the more people that will likely become customers and eventually buy your products. The law of averages is another way of stating this simple but well known fact.

Enough traffic need not be large traffic

That having been said, how do you get traffic? Traffic large enough that could make a small percentage of eventual buyers enough to make a good profit. Enough traffic to satisfy your own law of averages? Many big companies generate traffic in amounts of tens of thousands a day and a measly ten to fifteen percent actually buys, but that small percentage is enough to provide them with good enough profits to satisfy their numbers requirements.

Many of these success stories get their traffic from paying others. Yes that’s right, you have to spend money to make money. Advertising is the key. The more people who knows that your site exists, the more people would of course go to your site. If that seems to make sense, it is because it is practical and is also a basic component of the law of averages.

While there are many ways that can get you advertising for free, they do not generate the same high volume as those methods that must be paid for. Another statement that seems to make sense and does, because when a product or service is paid for the payee is obligated to deliver satisfactory results, as opposed to when the product/sevice is free, you take it as is without guarantee of the quality. In addition, paid advertisements include advertising schemes by reputable companies like Google and Yahoo.

The value of searches

A Web search is and will continue to be the easiest and fastest method of finding something on the Web. Search engines have been very popular because they provide a vital service to many Web users. They are free and easy to use. With this popularity, they get many visitors and clicks which make them some of the most common sites that people go to. It is easy to understand why so many companies would pay to advertise with these search engines.

Search engines provide information to the millions of users that they have each day. They provide links to many sites that a user may be looking for. If your sites link pop up in the high ranks of the search results page, chances are good that they will go to your site.

While search engine optimization is a cheaper and lower cost way to get your site a high rank, paying for advertisements will ensure that your website will rank very high in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

When you pay for your advertisements, it is like paying for your traffic. This may sound like not such a good idea, but the payoffs would tell a different story. When you pay for your traffic, you are guaranteed a consistent traffic flow to your site. You will never go with an empty sales day; and that, ultimately, is the results every business on the Web wants and craves.

Paying for traffic that pays you back

Usually, you will be charged with the number of hits a link gets when your ads is clicked. This advertisement and payment method is known as pay per click (PPC). For some search engines, you will be charged with the number of times your ad shows up when a certain keyword or keyword phrase is searched. It is imperative that you have good keyword content in your ad. There are many tools that aid you in using the right keyword for the right moment.

All the money you spend in paying for your traffic will not be for naught. You will get an impressive boost in traffic which will also result to a great boost in your sales figures. Paying for your traffic would be a really good idea and you will get all the benefits it has to offer guaranteed.