Utilizing Search Engine Optimization Reaps Rewards

The traffic is in the SERPs

eCommerce is a cut throat business in which you have to arm yourself with proper know-how, as well as the tools to make your site a cut above the rest. Each day more and more sites are clambering to optimize their rankings in search results and if you let down your guard, you might just get trampled on and be left in an abyss, already filled with so many failed eCommerce sites.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a term widely used by the vast majority eCommerce sites to describe one manner in which a website can attract Web users. For the past few years search engines were the most used resource on the Web to generate traffic and they are expected to continue in that role for the foreseeable future. Since Web users have made search engines the most widely used internet tool to find the sites they wish to visit for the product or information they need, Web marketers and eCommerce businesses seek to use these search engines to attract buying customers.

Most people that use search engines view only the top ten search results of the first page; so making it to the first page is a barometer of a sites success in SEO, and to a lesser extent, the same can be said of the top three pages. Your ad (or website link) will achieve a higher probability ratio of being clicked on when you rank high on the SERPs (search engine results pages); and this ranking often results in more traffic for your site and more sales for your business.

But, it is essential to grab hold of that spot or make your ranking even better. As mentioned earlier, each day is a new day for all eCommerce sites to make themselves rank higher using search engine optimization. It is imperative to make your site better and better everyday.

Proper SEO will get your site noticed

So just what is search engine optimization and do you have to use it? The answer to why you have to use it is an easy one. You need search engine optimization to be number one in the SERPs, or maybe at least make your site competitive in the income generating arena.

With search engine optimization you can get the benefits of generating high traffic volume. Let’s just say you get only a turn out of successful sales with 10 to 20 percent of your traffic. If you get a hundred hits or more a day, you get a good turn out of sales already. If you get only twenty to ten hits a day, you only get one or two if any at all.

So once again, what is search engine optimization? Search engine optimization is utilizing tools and methods that make your site a top-ranking competitor in the search engines results pages (SERPs). Getting yourself on the first page and better yet in the top 3 to 5 results on that page will ensure that your site generate public awareness of its existence and subsequently generate more traffic, which ultimately, could lead to potential income and increased business.

Search engine optimization requires a lot of work to be fully realized. There are many aspects you have to change in your site’s structure to achieve proper search engine optimization. These will include getting lots of information about the keyword/keyphrases that are popular in regards to your sites niche or theme.

Begin with relevant keywords and key-phrases

You may also need to rewrite your sites content so that you could get the right keywords or key-phrases in your site’s content without making it too commercial but light and informative. There are certain rules and guidelines that should be followed while making your site’s content applicable and conducive to search engine optimization.

You will also need to collaborate with many other sites so that you could get link exchanges and page transfers. The more inbound and outbound traffic generated by sites among others are one of the components search engines uses to rank sites.

Try to search the internet for many useful tips, guidelines and methods for search engine optimization which are plentiful. Reading top rated articles on the subject should also help you optimize your site in search engine results. The more knowledge and information you gather the better your chances in getting those high rankings. This may require a little time and effort on your part but the benefits will be astounding.

Outsource the optimization work if necessary

If you can part with a few dollars, there are many sites on the internet that can help you with search engine optimization. There are many sites that specialize in tracking keyword phrases that can help improve your site’s rankings. There are also some content writers that have lots of experience in making good content with acceptable keyword density levels for your sites to have good or great quality, depending on the dollars you are willing to spend.

More Traffic with Effective Use of Yahoo’s Overture

Traffic generating ideas that endure

Overture, now known as Yahoo as a result of Yahoo’s takeover, was the entity that originally invented use of the P4P or Pay for Performance to the Internet community. Overture saw that the Internet was fast becoming the easiest and most convenient way to shop, and advertising was going to hit at an all time high because of the many businesses in this marketplace.

To get an individual to a particular website rather than have him/her visit a similar or competing site, the target website needs to be very visible. Providing ads that could direct potential consumers and costumers to their site would allow website publishers and marketers to have an increased traffic flow, thereby increasing sales simultaneously.

Yahoo provides a service that allows website owners to place a company’s ads on their sites in a way that those ads can be shown when certain keywords are entered in the search box. Yahoo offers companies a chance to increase traffic by using these services.

With more people becoming aware of your site, there would be an additional influx of traffic and visitors who will be given the chance to view your pages as well as your products. Even if your conversion rate is among the lower percentages of successful sales, the high traffic volume would still be a substantial enough figure to support your company’s expenditures for this service.

Keywords, key phrases and the SERPs

Getting a consistently substantial flow of website visitors is every company’s goal. Many methods are devised and utilized to ensure that there would be more people to boost the sales and to be aware of the existence of such a product or service. Website visitors are potentially the life blood of your Web-based business.

Yahoo/Overture utilizes the same principle as Google’s Adwords. In fact, they are very similar to each other in the sense that they use keyword and keyword phrase searches to determine which ads to show per search. When a person types in a keyword or keyword phrase to search for anything, the search engines results page (SERP) will consist of the sites generated by that search.

Then at the right side of the page, you will see selected ads that have paid for their ads to be viewed with certain keywords and keyword phrases searched. For example, Lets say you run a car parts retail/wholesale site.

You choose keywords that can prompt or trigger your ads to be shown in the SERP when a keyword is searched. When a search engine user types in Honda Accord, your ad may come up if you have designated that as one of your keywords. You don’t need to fully optimize your site with Search Engine Optimization methods and techniques.

Compare results from SEO against PPC

While some labor so hard at optimizing their websites to get them among the highest ranking sites per keyword search, and they get the chance to be on top of the list or at least among the first page of a search results, thereby increasing their chance to be clicked on. As a result of this work they are often able drive traffic and website visitors to their a little faster.

Yes, there is a cost associated with this method of driving traffic; because you will have to pony up some cash in order to use this service. But there are different ways Yahoo/Overture will charge you based on their convenient payment methods.

It may be based on the number of Keywords or Keyword phrases your ad uses or in the number of times your ad is clicked on. Others offer many other services like having your ad show up, not only in the SERPs, but also with some third party sites.

Combine the Yahoo service with other sources

Third party sites support ads that have the same theme or niche as the primary sites. The more areas your ad is shown in, the better your chances are that more people will learn about your site or product. With more website visitors you increase the sales of your site which makes your investment in your advertising a wise one.

Let’s face it, there is a lot of competition among Internet-based (or Web-based) businesses, so it is necessary to take a huge leap forward from the pack with superior advertising methods. Yahoo/Overture will be a great place to start. Many have utilized their services and have reaped the rewards of their decision. It’s a marketing strategy that will increase your website visitors as well as increase your sales resulting which ultimately leads to more profit.

It takes money to make money, while there are some methods that are basically low cost or free, using a marketing service such as that which Yahoo/Overture offers will provide results faster and on a larger scale. Many businesses have learned the unfortunate and expensive lesson of using sub-par services offered by sub-par entities that are designed to do one thing, and that is to take your money. Don’t be counted among them.