Getting Enough Highly Targeted Traffic

More traffic equates to more sales!

I guess most Web marketers will agree if I said that getting enough highly targeted traffic is the key to success in the affiliate marketing business. Driving targeted traffic is proven to be effective if you’re promoting or reselling products or services on the Web. One of the best and most effective marketing strategies that affiliate marketers can employ is the “pay for performance” method. This means that your investments are used only for results such as additional sales and/or subscriptions.

In Web marketing businesses like affiliate marketing, no traffic means no sales. That’s why many affiliates and webmasters easily shell out big bucks just to get top rankings on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Once you are promoting a product or service on your website or Web page, you need to have more visitors that may ultimately become consumers of your products and services.

Paying for performance is fundamentally practical

As one of the fundamental requirements for succeeding in the Web marketing business, top search engine rankings not only assures the marketer of great sales and a decent income, but establishes credibility in his/her area of expertise. Here, you just need to start, get the right combination of free and paid traffic and you can be on your way to a successful Web marketing career.

Let’s take a practical example. Paying for performance! This could mean giving a commission to a sales person only when a new sale is made. This strategy assures you real profit because you can already compute the amount of money you have to spend for every new sale made. Also, you can avoid spending any marketing bucks because every cent you use up has either come from a sale or will generate a sale in the future.

The viability of PPCSEs

Another of the recognized and popular methods of driving targeted traffic is proven to work and is an efficient way of acquiring sales for affiliate marketers. It is the method of attracting laser-targeted traffic to your website and converting it to sales by means of “Pay-Per-Click” Search Engines (PPCSEs).

PPCSEs like Overture can bring impressive sales because they permit you to pay for performance by means of attracting precise targeted traffic to your niche. And this means people or site visitors who are actively searching for precisely what you are offering or selling. Overture’s secret is to drive laser-targeted traffic to your website by proposing or bidding on keywords that are related to the product or service that you are offering. And the strategy works this way: The more exact your keyword is, the better results you’ll receive and the less you’ll have to spend for each new sale.

Combining pay-per-click with your USP

Overture claims to be the Web’s best pay-per-click search engine. It is one of the leading resources of Pay-For-Performance search on the web; And what’s more enticing about the company is, when you advertise in Overture Premium Listings, your site is guaranteed to appear in may leading U.S. search engines like Yahoo, InfoSpace, MSN, Netscape, AltaVista, Lycos and more. Plus, you can get the benefit of reaching more than 80% of active Web users.

Other things that will surely attract lifetime customers to your site include offering valued customer discounts, giving seasonal and special offers, especially to your repeat customers, and “buy one get one free” promotions; plus your unique sales proposal (USP) which is used to distinguish you from your competitors. Don’t get me wrong with this; because the above mentioned strategies can certainly develop a trusted relationship between you and your customers. Aside from patronizing your business, they may even refer others to you via your site.

Increase Traffic to Your Website Using These 3 Secrets

Effective methods of driving traffic: Ageless!

There are time-tested methods shown to increase traffic to your website which have been working since being discovered and introduced to the overall Web marketplace. Sometimes as new methods and marketing technologies become available they are quickly picked up; in some cases because of the novelty and in other cases because they are promoted and advertised better than most.

As the new marketing methods replace the old, some may get the mistaken idea that the old ways of marketing and increasing website traffic are no longer relevant or effective and, as a consequence, they stop using them in their marketing campaigns. However, as will be pointed out later in this post, older doesn’t mean ineffective! Especially if your objective is to increase revenue for your Web-based business.

Did you know that it is actually quite easy to increase your online revenue? And you can do it using established marketing techniques that others may have discontinued using. The first trick is to drive more traffic to your Web business(es). As you know by now, more traffic generally means more money.

Traditional traffic generation methods that work

No matter what type of site you have, your success hinges on getting as much traffic to it as possible. But like many Web-based business owners, you have probably exhausted many sources for increasing traffic and are now in search of new sources. If so, then I’ve found three traditional ways that are incredible for driving more traffic to your site. The good news is that all these methods are not being utilized by many webmasters.

So if you want to increase traffic to your website for the rest of 2012 and beyond, be sure to use each of the following three traffic-building mechanisms:

Traffic generation method #1 – Data Feeds

Do you like the idea of creating hundreds, even thousand of pages of legitimate content? With a data feed, this is possible! There are a number of Web-based businesses that still utilize data feeds as a way to help their affiliates. If you are not familiar with this concept, data feeds are described as files that contain lists of products, descriptions and prices for individual items that are sold by a particular company.

With a data feed, you can create a specific content page for each product. So if an affiliate program has thousands of products, then you can create thousands of pages of quality content. As you probably know, the more content usually leads to more traffic. Data feeds are great for getting natural search engine traffic because they list specific products that people are looking for. If you can find a data feed that is related to your specific website, then you can easily generate more natural traffic for your online business.

Traffic generation method #2 – Viral eBooks

Another tool that can dramatically increase your website traffic is a viral ebook or report. Most of the time, a viral ebook will be prepared in PDF format that people can send to their contacts, and it contains your marketing message. It is called viral because every person that receives the ebook is given a reason to pass along your material.

Before starting a viral marketing campaign, it is important to create a reason why people will want to pass along your marketing message. Some of the best reasons can include simple greed or a desire to provide entertaining information to their friends. If you can develop a hook that will take advantage of either of these, then it will be easy to create a successful viral marketing campaign.

What I usually do is create a special 5 to 10 page report on a specific topic. Then I find an affiliate program that is related to the topic. Then I create a mechanism where people can easily brand this ebook with their own affiliate link to monetize the report for themselves. This type of viral ebook is valuable because you can place a mini advertisement or sponsorship on every copy. In addition, you can let the reader know that he or she can make money by offering this viral ebook. As a result, there is a chance that every person that reads the book will click over to your site.

Traffic generation method #3 – Blogs

By now, you have probably heard about the power of blogs. If you haven’t created one, then you should use this new information as a good enough reason to do so and take advantage of this traffic pulling tool. With blogs, you are providing your audience with fresh new content about your topic. People love to read them, because most blogs contain new information in an entertaining and easy-to-read format.

The best part about blogs is how much they are valued by search engines. The majority of search engines consider any information on a blog to be important current news, so they pay special attention to articles listed there. As a result, you can use blogs to drive a larger portion of traffic to your Internet business. Learn more about blog marketing techniques

If you don’t consider March 2012 to be too late for setting goals for the rest of the year you should set a goal to get more traffic to your site this year. By implementing these three tools into your marketing mix, you will discover that your web traffic (and income) will dramatically increase.